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The EARTH System is a Desalination System that produces a sustainable supply chain of byproducts.  It is designed for Coastal Cities lying within the Equatorial Zone.  Any City that employs it will be converted to a Sustainable City within 10 years of operation and for less than $100 million.  The EARTH System requires no grid electricity to operate, is remarkably easy to construct and even easier to maintain.  

5,000 EARTH System Cities can 
reverse Climate Change by 2050 

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EARTH System Benefits:

Marketing Support
Engineering Support
Chemistry Support
Financing Support
Agricultural Support
Tourism Support

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The USPP engages in many marketing verticals to help your city understand our technology and feel confident about adopting it.  We understand that it is a brave new world when it comes to sustainability and any choice you make to evolve your city into sustainable one is going to come with risk.  We make every effort to communicate with governments, NGOs and the Public to educate them on the feasibility and practicality of our technology.  We offer the worlds first truly feasible and ecological solution to climate change; we want your city and its constituents to feel good about choosing us.

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The EARTH System is patented technology that has been licensed to a global manufacturing and distribution partner.  They have a dedicated team of engineers ready to design the perfect EARTH System for your City.  Whether you want a small system to service a small population or a large system to generate surplus water for resale, the EARTH System can be tailored made to meet your City plans.  Our Distributor has been a global irrigation specialize corporation since the 1950s and is a current  trusted infrastructure partner to many cities around the world.

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There are many components to sustainability that involve a high level of expertise in Chemistry.  When you adopt an EARTH System in your city, the USPP will supply you with all the solutions to your chemistry issues.  This includes water constituent monitoring, salt reclamation, environmental protection monitoring, tree farming management, solar array monitoring, salt brick manufacturing management and more.  When you decide to implement an EARTH System in your City, the USPP will be your partner in all things related to it. 

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The EARTH System is far less expensive than virtually any other desalination system, costing an average of $100 million over 20 years for a population of less than 100,000.  That being said, this price tag is still very large and may be prohibitive for many regions.  Because of this, the USPP has put together a list of private and public financing for small cities.  It is our goal to make the EARTH System widely adoptable and part of that goal is providing financial resources to you.

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Our tree planting operation is just as intensive as our desalination systems.  We have a big focus on farming trees and in order to reach our goals, we need our farmers to be successful.  We have set up the tree planting program to provide a farmer with everything they will need.  We pay the farmer, we provide the supplies, we provide the educational training and we harvest the trees.  Outside of the farmer, we cooridate with local environmental protection NGOs, departments of agriculture and other concerned governmental agencies to ensure the tree planting is ecological and sustainable.  

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The USPP is a sustainability education company with a goal of training 3.14 million people in corporate sustainability.  These trainees spend a week with us at EARTH System location to learn about our operations and systems.  As more cities implement an EARTH System, we will afford them the opportunity to become a training destination.  Cities who opt into our training program will experience an increase in tourism and build a reputation for sustainability.  

Implement an EARTH System in your City




Legal & Technical Docs


Our Patent Application was filed with the USPTO in October, 2023, under application #6354367310. This application contains technical descriptions, technical illustrations and operational dynamics of the Technology. Please request an NDA to view the application.


Review the USPP Plan Pamphlet; it offers a technical explanation of the EARTH System, Manufacturing & Distribution information, cost projections, potential ROIs and timeline projections.

Find the Letter of Intent contained within the USPP Plan Pamphlet. Review this document, and amend it to match your Cities needs.  Then sign it and return it here.

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