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The Global Monument 

The Global Monument Project is the crown jewel of the USPP.  To truly solve Climate Change, it will take more than innovative technology and supply chain overhauling. Working side by side to build a monument has been a primary society building tool for human beings throughout the last 6,000 years of civilization.  We haven't built anything as a society for a while and our collective dissociation is the principle cause of our Climate issues. The Global Monument Project affords Citizens from around the world the opportunity to come together and practice the lost art of  stewarding our life on this Planet.

The World's first Global Monument 

The Pyramid Complex depicts the Solar System & mimics an Eclipse at each Solstice

Complex Illustration.jpeg
Stone Placement.png

Building Pyramids Builds Stronger Societies

It is crazy to think that we would know very little about civilizations that existed thousands of years ago had they not constructed massive monuments. It is even crazier to think that a few thousand years from now, proof of our own civilization might not exist. Pyramid structures are a testament to an advanced civilization's existence and a worthy endeavor for any society to pursue. Pyramid building projects in the past employed off-season agricultural workers, promoted tourism, were sustainable and taught their builders a multitude of critical skill sets. Most importantly, constructing a Pyramid creates a common cause and promotes unity among the people who build it. The USPP has a goal of constructing a pyramid complex monument in honor of our accomplishments as a civilization and to demonstrate our advanced aspirations. The complex will contain 3.14 million stones and be constructed by 3.14 million participants from all over the world, making our monument a truly global one.

3,141,592 Granite Stones placed by 3,141,592 ECO Course Participants

ECO Certification Course

A five-day, four-night all inclusive Corporate Retreat where participants attend seminars, tour the EARTH System and participate in building the Global Monument. It is the USPP's goal to award 3,141,592 million ECO Certifications by 2050. Reservations start in the Summer of 2024 and Courses are scheduled to begin in the summer of 2025. 
Complex Design Features

Our Complex features 9 Pyramids with one large Pyramid representing the Sun and 8 smaller Pyramids representing the Planets.  The Complex will be oriented West to East so that it will function sundial and mimic an Eclipse at each Solstice.   There will be 3,141,592 stones in the entire complex; each placed by an ECO Course attendee.
Monument Location

Our first EARTH System site is proposed to be located in the Delta where the Colorado River empties into the Sea of Cortez.  This area happens to have the geology and topography needed to build a Pyramid. The USPP is partitioning for several viable sites and endeavors to have site approval by July of 2024.  We will prepare for our first builders to arrive in July of 2025. 
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