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The US Pyramid 

The USPP is a non profit organization dedicated to solving Climate Change by 2050.  We have three products designed to work together to help us accomplish this goal; the EARTH System, the ECO Certification Course and the Global Monument Project. These three products represent the most feasible and comprehensive solution to Climate Change available today.

A Novel Solution
to Climate Change

The EARTH System is a powerful new tool in the fight for Global Sustainability.

The EARTH System is an evolution in how we think about Climate Change and how we should approach making our global industrial market more sustainable.   


Current technologies use energy intensive physical processes and/or environmentally damaging chemical processing to create the products demanded by the modern global economy.  

To reach global sustainability we need to replace these processes with Systems that actively improve the environment as they service our needs.  


The EARTH System is the first System that can service our needs as human beings AND actively improve the environment.  We have designed the EARTH System to be capable of achieving the reversal of Climate Change by 2050.   

Elegant Abstract Background

Fresh Water Revolution

The EARTH System can solve the global freshwater crisis.

Change the world in a week

The ECO Course brings you on board for a week of hands on training.

The Great 8 for Terra's Fate

The Eight Goals we hope to accomplish by the year 2050.

The XPrize Competition

Our EARTH System is competing for the '25 CO2 Capture XPrize.

Are You Ready to Solve Climate Change?

The EARTH System has Patent Pending status with the USPTO.  The Technology produces freshwater through desalination with virtually no mechanical energetic inputs.  The byproducts of this technology constitute an entire supply chain of sustainable goods for the local economy to transact upon.   Commodities generated include Lumber, Textiles, Bio Plastics, Tourism and Building Bricks.  


The USPP is a Non Profit based in the State of Nevada whose mission is to solve the global freshwater crisis.  We are involved with large agricultural operations in the Western US and actively participate in several climate change infrastructure projects in the region.  It is our goal to solve Nevada's water crisis by first solving the water crisis in Mexico and working our way North. This is the only way to create a truly long term solution to our water issues.  

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